Khai Dinh tomb is known as one of the most splendid palaces in Viet Nam. Here, we will contemplate a beauty that is a mixture of the Eastern and Western architectural styles, which creates a new and strange for viewers. It also brings the feeling of solemnity and mysteriousness of the artworks. The typical artwork is three large murals Cuu Long An Van (Nine dragons hide in clouds).


Murals Nine Dragon hide in clouds


The person who was responsible for the creation of artistic masterpieces in Khai Dinh tomb was Artist Phan Van Tanh. He was one of the most talented artists under the Nguyen Dynasty.

The most impressive art of the tomb is the ceiling of the palace. It is decorated with a picture of nine dragons hides in clouds. Surprisingly, the artist painted this incredible artwork by his feet. Until now, three large Cuu Long An Van murals have never repainted, but they don’t discolor. Especially, there is no cobweb on the three ceilings of Thien Dinh palace although all around have. These great legacies of paintings are a big surprise and admiration of many artistic researchers.


There is a question that what materials Phan Van Tanh used to create these artistic masterpieces.


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