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Thuy Xuan village is located to the southwest of Hue City. It is a well-known green village with a history of incense-making spanning over 700 years.

During the Nguyen Dynasty, this village was the exclusive provider of incense and frankincense for the royal court and high-ranking officials throughout the country.

How is this special incense made? 

Incense-making has been the main occupation for generations, with locals using only natural, non-toxic ingredients.

To create incense sticks, artisans start by selecting ingredients like cinnamon, cardamom, clove, anise, and eucalyptus, which are mixed with water to form incense powder. Thin bamboo sticks are then sun-dried for several days to make the incense cores dry and crispy. The incense powder is wrapped around these cores in a thin layer before being sun-dried again, ensuring even burning.

Additionally, the incense village in Hue offers a wide variety of incense types, such as cinnamon incense, odor-removing incense, circular incense, and prominent agarwood incense.

Nowadays, incense serves as souvenirs such as lacquered paintings, fans, and brocades.

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