Hi everyone. I am Mai, a member of Let’s Hue-Local Buddies since 2018.

I still remember the first time I knew Let’s Hue Local Buddies through Ms. Yen- the old leader and was lead under Ms. Linh. What I have companioned with Let’s Hue Local Buddies is still in my heart.

Even when the time changes so fast and many generations have come and go in Let’s Hue-Local Buddies, but I believe all of us always remember Let’s Hue as a special foundation of learning, sharing, and growing.

Hồ Thị Mai – The woman with the blue raincoat

Thank Let’s Hue for creating a memorable environment for all of us. Thank all buddies for dedicating yourselves to build Let’s Hue.

I wish Let’s Hue will be healthy during the pandemic, be more successful despite the ups and downs of time.

I will never forget you – Let’s Hue Local Buddies!