Many tourists coming to see Hue City may be unfamiliar with Let’s Hue – Local Buddies. If you know clearly about us, your trip to Hue City will be a fantastic experience. This article will help you understand the functions of Let’s Hue – Local Buddies and how to book a free Hue tour with us.

Summary about Let’s Hue

Let’s Hue – Local buddies started with a small group of undergraduates and graduates. The team are from different backgrounds, but all have the following in common: big love for Hue city, voluntarism spirit and English competency. Based in Hue and knowledgeable of the city, Let’s Hue Free Tour Guides hold a strong belief that the team can give tourists a deep insight into Vietnamese culture, namely Hue culture, our country’s citadel. Simply understanding, Let’s Hue is a voluntary tour guide group for tourists to choose free of charge when they visit Hue City.

Functions of Let’s Hue

  • Playing the role of local friends who accompany tourists during the trip to Hue City. Instead of renting a tour guide, which will cost you, booking a tour of Let’s Hue is free of charge.
  • Helping you set appropriate itineraries for a Hue City tour based on your desires.
  • Providing you rich information about the historical destinations in Hue City.
  • Being your friends, together we explore the city and share everything during the trip.
  • Bringing you the best experience with local people in Hue City.

Advantages when booking tours of Let’s Hue

  • Being free of charge for tour guides
  • Getting the best experience with local people.
  • Being designed appropriate itineraries for your tour.
  • Making friends with local people.
  • Getting the best advice

How to book a tour with Let’s Hue – Local Buddies

Step 1: Filling in the booking form here:

*Tip: If you are not sure about your plan such as hotel address and date of visiting, you can leave these sections empty. We will actively contact you and confirm later when you are sure.

Step 2: Contacting us via Fanpage: Let’s Hue – Local Buddies or Email: or Whatsapp: +84 905 422 318 (Ms. Tran) to inform us you have already filled out the booking form.

*Tip: you can contact us directly via these channels if you have any questions. We will reply to you very soon.

Hopefully, we can have a chance to serve and accompany you with the trip to Hue City. Do not hesitate to contact us via Fanpage Let’s Hue – Local Buddies or Email: or Whatsapp: +84 905 422 318 (Ms. Tran) if you need more information. Thank you!