As many may know, Hue is the former imperial capital of Vietnam. One of the most impressive highlights of the city is the Imperial Enclosure. This is the housing area of the Nguyen dynasty’s residence, palaces, and temples, located on the Southern bank of Huong river.

Ngo Mon Gate – one of the four gates to the Imperial city

“This Imperial Enclosure is a citadel-within-a-citadel” ( as it includes many different architectural layouts with different functions. The outermost is limited and protected by the citadel with 6 gates directing to the inner site called Forbidden city, where stays palaces, temples of worships, gardens, and pavilions.

Going through the place is like peeling off many layers, interesting and marvelous. Moreover, not only can they be seen, but also be tried. At Truong Sanh palace, visitors can have a chance to try on the Imperial suits.

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Flag Tower standing right opposite Ngo Mon gate – Photo Courtesy: Nguyen Hoang Long

It is an interesting fact that among the three doors of Ngo Mon gate, the middle one was for the King only, while the other two were for mandarins and eunuchs. Even today, the middle door is not opened, except for some special events, i.e Hue Festival. Visitors, thus, are only allowed to go through the side two doors. Peeling another layer of the city, visitors are surely amazed to know about Fung-Sei in the citadel architecture and many stories inherent in each construction.

by Let’s Hue Team