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Huế has never failed to flutter anyone’s hearts, no matter how many time they have been to this little yet graceful city. Huế’s beauty is felt like a young charming lady with a huge sense of romance. If it is, then they are Trang Tien bridge and Huong river that naturally beautifies this lady without any makeup.   Trang Tien...
Dong Ba Market is one of the attractive destinations that visitors will not ignore when putting their feet to Hue. It has become the place containing the love of many domestic and foreign tourists. Similar to most of the other local markets, Dong Ba still keeps the traditional style of a flea market. Despite that, Dong Ba also has...
Vong Canh Hill If you are looking for a beautiful as well as peaceful place for your soul, Vong Canh Hill will be one of the best choices you should not miss in your trip. Far about 7km from Hue city, the Hill is covered by pine trees and daisy forest. Standing on the hill in the early morning, you...
Have ever wondered where should you go for summer vacation? Breathtaking view, delicious food may be the important factors for your perfect destination. Moreover, being under a high pressure from works everyday as well as living in the polluted air of the urban areas makes people nowadays prefer to be closer to nature. So in order to give peace...


As many may know, Hue is the former imperial capital of Vietnam. One of the most impressive highlights of the city is the Imperial Enclosure. This is the housing area of the Nguyen dynasty’s residence, palaces, and temples, located on the Southern bank of Huong river. Ngo Mon Gate – one of the four gates to the Imperial city “This Imperial...

Thien Mu Pagoda

---English below--- Chùa Thiên Mụ cổ kính luôn vây quanh bởi những câu chuyện thú vị, hôm nay chúng tớ sẽ kể cho các cậu về truyền thuyết xây dựng nên ngôi chùa cổ kính này. Thời Nguyễn có làng Kim Liên (Kim Long). Một ngày nọ, dân làng mơ thấy một bà già...
Thien Mu Pagoda built in 1601 is located on Ha Khe hill in Hue City. This is a rare prime location: many surrounding verdant plants, poetic Huong river in front and prolonged hills. Thien Mu Pagoda has acquired the reputation for the sacredness with the swear: if lovers visit this place, they will break up soon. We can trace...
The articles introduce a traditional village's Hue City in Vietnam. It is called Thanh Tiên traditional paper flower village.
Located about 3km away from the heart of Hue City, Bao Vinh Old Town appears very peaceful and full of nostalgia. Over 200 years ago, this place used to be a busy port town where Chinese and Macau merchant ships came here for trading and exchange of goods. Visiting Bao Vinh, you seem to be back in time to...
Khai Dinh tomb is known as one of the most splendid palaces in Viet Nam. Here, we will contemplate a beauty that is a mixture of the Eastern and Western architectural styles, which creates a new and strange for viewers. It also brings the feeling of solemnity and mysteriousness of the artworks. The typical artwork is three large murals...


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