[Let’s Hue – my brilliant youth]

What are the special things about your youth?
Which memories helped you grow up?
Do you regret your youth?
To answer the above questions, I invite you to listen to my story with let’s Hue

Before joining Let’s Hue, I was a shy, timid person with many negative thoughts. I was afraid to communicate with people, therefore, I only grew a few relationships which made my life quite dull. Not only that, my English is not good even when I was studying it, which made me hesitated to face the speaking lessons in class or had conversations with foreigners. At that time, I was completely passive and negative.

However, after joining Let’s Hue, from a shy little girl, I became an active and dynamic person. Everyone in the group warmly welcomed me and helped me with full of enthusiasm. On my very first tour, I felt extremely scared to talk to foreigners, but gradually I learned a lot of great experiences from many members like Ms. Yen, Mrs. Linh, Ms. Ha, etc. As a result, I have got more motivation to guide the next tours.
After each tour, I found my English skills were getting better and I was confident enough to show English in front of the crowd. Especially, being an admin of training team has helped me to change a lot in my personality and mindset.

Thank Ms. Trang Bui for creating a positive environment in Hue
Thank leader Linh for giving me a chance and a challenge of an admin to grow up.
Thanks to all the members of the group that helped me have a brilliant youth
I hope the new generation of let’s Hue will take our group to fly higher and further
From the bottom of my heart


Kim Nhã – The woman on the left